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Experienced systems generalist with strong capabilities in hardware, the Unix operating system, programming, and system & database administration. At this point I am interested in programming. I have steadily programmed to automate and perfect my work my entire IT career in (somewhat chronologically) Basic (1973), HP-45, PL/1, 360 Assembler, 6502 Assembler, Forth, AppleWriter WPL, Cobol, C, Q&A, Dbase III, FilePro, Lotus 123, Business Basic, Xenix/Unix/AIX/HP-UX/Linux tools, TCL/Tk/Expect, Perl, Oracle SQL, HTML, WLST, etc.

My time at GTE Data Services, T-Mobile, and JP Morgan Chase gave me ample experience with large, high performance Oracle databases. T-Mobile had over twenty million customers. Their customer database and the call usage (CDR) databases required a large cluster of HP-UX servers and EMC tier one Symmetrix storage. JP Morgan’s EFS Dept. had thousands of transaction files that needed to be processed daily and hundreds of reports. Two of us on the team corrected the SQL and added hints to ensure that several of the backend views used for the applications had acceptable performance. I understand the Oracle Wait Interface methodology of database tuning and can generate and interpret SQL explain plans.

Wells Fargo

CTR App Engineering

Jan 2016 – Jun 2020 (Retired)

Assist with the daily report processes including eFile reports, AutoSys work requests, change records, Ad Hoc reporting to support the business eFile preparation. Also progressing in knowledge of Actimize applications. Assist in maintaining the Active Directory groups used for accessing various enterprise apps. Assist with updating the application as guided by other CTR App Eng members. Developed general database xlsx report generation tool with Perl DBI and Excel::Writer modules.


National App Support

May 2013 – Jan 2016

National Application Support supports applications based on Oracle, Mysql, SQLServer, and Sybase, Weblogic, Java, shell, Perl, jython, PL/SQL, SQLPlus, Linux, VMWare, Android, IOS, ant Windows Server. I have created tools in C, Perl, Expect, shell, SQLPlus, and the Cygwin tool set to enable and automate our work, including programs to automate SOAP requests, bypassing the need for SOAPUI.


Provisioning Operations

Jun 2012 – May 2013

Implementation and administration of the Syniverse web portal to applications accessed by Syniverse customers. This is a conversion from a Sun One web server and ldap based application to an Oracle Fusion Middleware based proxying system that uses Weblogic, OID, OVD, OIM, OAM, and OHS (Oracle HTTP Server). The database is Oracle 11G using OID to present user information with LDAP. I've been instrumental in the Shell, Perl, and WLST programming for system starts and stops as well as monitoring. Our team is responsible for all the Change Management processes for implementing maintenance and new releases in partnership with the developers, DBA's, and Linux SA's.


Production Support

Sep 2011 – Jun 2012

Production support for multiple enterprise systems related to T-Mobile's prepaid products. Included Oracle database query tuning, SOAP services administration and troubleshooting, and administration of WebLogic based applications. Provided programming for the management of the application filesystems for the Call Detail Records from the wireless telephony switches, programming to automate multiple manual processes, and the creation of various tools used by several others on the team. I've perfected the use of Cygwin to bring Linux-like capabilities to Windows workstations and several Windows servers, including setting up OpenSSH servers on the Windows based computers enabling simpler, lower bandwidth management and application enhancement. I'm the primary Unix skilled person on our team and provide some Oracle expertise from my past DBA experience.

JP Morgan Chase

Production Support

Feb 2010 – Sep 2011

Production support for multiple bank applications related to card based benefits and funding programs for both government and private organizations. This included work with the Oracle databases, the file transfer processes, the operating systems, and the applications. Had become involved with the using Oracle Golden Gate to perform ETL from the Tandem based OLTP card authorization systems to an Oracle data warehouse running on Sun.


Production Support

Nov 2008 – Feb 2010

General application production support on the N-Tiered information sytems related to the maintenance of Verizon's outside network facilities. Included work with Weblogic, Informix, CEM (Verizon API), SSL Certs, SSH Tunneling, scripting with ksh, Perl, and Expect. Have simplified and increased performance of several of the various application control scripts. Have automated the distribution of ssh public keys across large sets of servers. Have automated the changing of passwords across our groups supported servers. Have helped train new personnel in the groups duties. Have been instrumental in training some peers on aspects of Unix.

T-Mobile Wireless

Oracle Database Admin

Aug 2007 – Nov 2008

Oracle DBA on the production billing and test/dev DBA teams administering various databases in the Amdocs Samson Billing System. Provided Unix systems admin expertise for the team. Programmed several procedures for archiving oracle and O/S critical items such as stored procedures/functions and LVM configuration.

Unix Systems Admin

Aug 2001 – Aug 2007

Unix Systems Administrator mainly administering HP-UX systems. Administered the local SAN until a separate SAN team was formed. Installed and administered the middleware and third party software for the test, development and DRP servers for the Samson Billing System as well as many other applications. Among these Unix hosted applications were Remedy, SAP and PeopleSoft. Provided 24X7 Unix admin and systems programming support.


Unix Systems Admin

Jul 2001 - Aug 2001

Administered several HP Unix systems for Essilor, assisting the DBA's in maintaining the stability of the systems. This was a time just before the transition of the systems from Tampa to Dallas. Both the Rapidigm and Essilor personnel knew that I was still pursuing a position closer to home. We were both surprised when a better position with VoiceStream/T-Mobile came up fairly quickly.

IBMGS/Eckerds (TekSystems)

Unix Systems Admin

Jul 1999 - Jul 2001

Contracted to IBM performing UNIX system administration and systems programming for Eckerd Corporation. Worked on AIX, HP-UX, Sequent Dynix, and NCR UNIX (MP-RAS) systems. Worked with older SCSI connected EMC disk arrays and the EMC software used to manage the arrays. Primary team member with programming skills using C, perl, ksh, Tcl/Tk, Expect, and the usual set of Unix tools such as sed, awk, join, find, etc.

GTE Data Services

Sr Systems Programmer

Jul 1995 – Jul 1999

Performed Unix system installation, administration, and systems programming for several hundred HP-UX and AIX hosts, both local to the Tampa data center and in remote locations. Designed and implemented several support and monitoring tools.. Worked as one of the two primary team resources for ksh, perl, Expect, Tcl/Tk, C, awk, sed, etc., Created a simple groupware tool for online multi-point team communications using Tcl/Tk before the common availability of IM clients .

Selected as a one of the 1997 GTE Best Individual Award Winners

Programmer Analyst

Nov 1992 - Jul 1995

Programmed and supported the application on the team for GTE's Automated Work Assignment System (AWAS). Maintained programming on the statistics reporting section of AWAS using C and Informix's CISAM Libraries. Did programming and system configuration for the AWAS application support personnel.

Origin Technology

Consultant Contractor

Nov 1991 - Nov 1992

Provided programming, application troubleshooting, and Unix training for the GTE Dispatch Activity Centers and AWAS application support group. Implemented automation to streamline the work of the AWAS Support group.


Programmer Analyst

Apr 1990 - Nov 1991

Programmed under SCO Unix, Xenix and MS-DOS using Bourne Shell, FilePro, awk, C, DBase III/IV, Q&A, FoxBase, etc. Designed and implemented systems for a variety of small business customers. Also performed O/S, application software, and hardware installation and maintenance. Performed user training for standard and custom software.

Criterion Systems

Programmer Analyst

Nov 1989 - Mar 1990

Programming for BASIC 4 multi-user system, translating IBM System 36 COBOL applications to BASIC 4 Business Basic applications. Implementation of SCO Xenix system for multi-user office automation and transition from the BASIC 4 environment to Xenix/Unix.

Timeshare Owners Foundation


Aug 1989 - Nov 1989

Programming in FoxBase on a Novell network for timeshare listings and customer payments. Translation and transfer of data from FoxBase to Q&A for ease of processing and document production, including check printing.


Programmer Analyst

Mar 1989 - Aug 1989

See MicroSys entry above.

Tandy Training and Support

System Engineer

Mar 1987 - Mar 1989

Software installation and programming: Lotus 123, Quattro, Multiplan, Visicalc, Xenix utilities, WordStar, WordPerfect, PFS Professional Series, Scripsit, Q&A, FilePro, FoxBase, DBase II/III/IV, Real World Acctg, VersaCad, Procomm, etc.

Hardware and O/S installation and programming: SCO Xenix/UNIX, PC/MS-DOS, Tandy 6000 Xenix, Windows 286/386, Gem, TRSDOS, LDOS, CP/M, Apple II DOS 3.3 (for TrackStar CoProcessor Board).

Programming Languages: C, Bourne Shell, Q&A Programming, MS-DOS Batch, DBase II/III/IV, FilePro Processing, Basic, and Spreadsheet Macros.

Tampa General Hospital

Personnel Associate

Apr 1986 - Mar 1987

Assisted the Personnel Managers in filling positions for the hospital by writing ads and submitting them to various newspapers, posting available positions on internal job listings, screening resumes and applications, performing the paperwork and procedures necessary to actually employ new hires. Performed other Human Resources functions as needed.

Implemented use of the department's first computer - an IBM PC AT (80286) using Lotus 123 and macro programming. Automated the yearly merit raise process.

Ballast Point Christian School


Sep 1985 - Apr 1986

Taught full elementary curriculum to a combined 3rd and 5th grade class.

College Employment

Sep 1980 - May 1985

  • Clerk in convenience store

  • VA Rep for USF Sarasota Campus

  • Campus Computer Room Computer Operator

  • US Navy Reserves

  • US Air Force Reserves


New College Florida

Sep 1980 – May 1985

BA in Computers and Classics

Programming: PL/1, 6502 Assembler, 68000 Assembler, IBM 360 Assembler, FORTH, BASIC. Senior Thesis Project: A Computer Application to Classical Language Education


USAF Reserves

Mar 1983 - Mar 1995

  • Active Service in Desert Shield and Storm

  • Assistant NCOIC of a Mobile Aeromedical Staging Facility

  • Tactical Aeromedical Evacuation Flight Crew (C-130)

  • Hospital Work: Minor Surgery Clinic, Immunizations Clinic, Medical Ward, Surgical Ward, Pre-Op Unit, OB Ward, and Critical Care Unit.

  • Honor Graduate US Air Force Medical Service School

USN Reserves

Dec 1980 - Dec 1982

  • Electronics

  • Training Petty Officer

USN Sub Service

Jul 1974 - Jul 1980

  • Navigation Center Supervisor

  • Lead Ships Inertial Navigation Systems Technician

  • Commendation from Commanding Admiral of Submarines Atlantic

  • Honor Graduate Polaris/Poseidon Electronics School

  • Graduated With Distinction from US Navy Submarine School